synth salix

by fits.

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from The Monolith Cocktail :
In the past I’ve described him as a ‘low-rent Pavement’, which wasn’t a bad reference as it turned out. His latest collection continues to flutter between radiant glimmers of song and subdued, almost incidental and fleeting, instrumental interludes. Released after what Clarke says was a ‘sort-of year hiatus from writing’, Synth Salix is by no means a sudden departure from his previous catalogue of experiments. It is however played upon a Roland D-20 synth (well a lot of it), and it benefits from the groundwork put in over the last few years.

The music is… well like a mix of morphine psych and no wave, with veiled attempts at Trans-Alpine kosmiche, morose Visage and ukulele played whimsy. The more plays, the more you pick up. It is perhaps, and I’m still to make my mind up, the best collection yet from Clarke.

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released May 6, 2016

all songs produced, performed and written by Samuel L. Clarke in Pleasant Grove, UT, except for track 9 recorded in Terrace, BC; and bonus track 11 (available only with album download) recorded at Eryn's House in Vancouver, BC.

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fits. Salt Lake City, Utah



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Track Name: Pariah Alogiac
you've been walking in the woods so long
hitting every puddle wrong
'cause your myopic eyes are bleeding all the colours

stop to examine a crystal tree
formed in the number three
shouting what of the universe and me

you've been talking to a ghost too long
over any shoulder who wants to talk
tell 'em that you're only
crazy and not lonely

but to hear the silent hum
in the cold waiting for the sun
where it is going is only where it's gone

oil for your lamps
here's cutting corners
left me with a bruise, a laceration and screws in my arms

soil for your plants
planets for your maps
taking off your mask to find the one with 20/20 vision

believing in god
falling for the shards
gathering them all to take to the ball

you've been staring at the woods for too long
thinking of the clouds that you'll find
cleaning off the dirt
Track Name: Self Help by The New York Times Best Seller
in the sun, lawn chair upholstery
thinking 'bout my grocery poetry
books are hard to read when I'm a novel

you look at me like a shabby bitch
don't worry that I'm a paper doll
come see the place critics called poison

I say bee stings don't hurt me
I'm a hive and you shouldn't worry
but I'm still here on the blanket fort on the lawn

looking up at the palest of blues
sky blue
it's their sky too
come see the face critics called lacklustre
Track Name: Davy The Cat
sword, scarf
and a head full of armour
in a sinking car
getting drunk with the naiads
'cause it's hard to wake up
when she's humming in triads
that sound like a horn
and her horns come over you
do you want to come over
I'm Davy in the drawer
in the silo
where you'll find-oh
a plant on the table
falls over

I said move over once
I said move over twice
like playing red light, playing green light
on the way to your house
playing mother may I
say I

I'm still looking
for that cat
in the tree
from when you were with me
Track Name: Don't Bite The Butterfly
stop throwing stones and tell me how it goes
and don't let them know
don't let them know

gotta let that go
Track Name: Willow Tree
my willow tree grows
oh, my willow tree grows
somewhere in my heart